Berlin Telegram, 80' (2012) Doc fiction 

Synopsis : Leila is a singer-songwriter who lives in Brussels. When Antoine, the man she is in love with, suddenly walks out on her for another woman, she leaves for Berlin to start a new life. Before closing the door of her apartment for the last time, she films herself in a mirror, vowing, one day, to send Antoine the images of her new life. It will be her revenge. It's a musical road-movie that travels to Brussels, Berlin, Lisbon and Cairo with Leila as our guide. A story of crossing paths, re-learning to live, and opening yourself up to the world.

DIRECTED BY: leila Albayaty

CAST: Leila Albayaty, Hana Albayaty, Eric Ménard, Sebastian Blomberg, Marc Barbé.

SCREENPLAY: leila Albayaty and Marylise Dumont.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Christophe Bouckaerts and Michel Balagué.

EDITING: Anne-Laure Guégan, Leila Albayaty.

MUSIC: Leila Albayaty and Guest

SOUND: Fabrice Osinsky and Mikael Barre

PRODUCERS: Julien Sigalas, Martin Hagemann

PRODUCTION: Stempel Films (Belgium), Zéro fiction (Germany)

Ditributed by Arsenal.

« A "lyrico-tourist" adventure. The thickness of the film is in the treatment of its fragility; film on the wire, like his tightrope character, on the verge of collapse. First film at once amazing and courageous, dreamlike and realistic in which Leila Albayaty pulls all the strings, directing, playing, composing and striving, above all, to break down the catatonic state that the ravages of passion bequeathed to her » CINEMANIA, April 2013 / By Serge Abiaad

Written by Leila Albayaty and Marylise Dumont

Full cast and crew here

TV5 Award for Best Francophone Film at Tous Ecrans (Geneva), Best Cinematography Award Achtung Berlin (Germany). Broadcast on TV5 world. Festival Selection: Mar del Plata (Argentina) - Dubai Film Festival Arab Competition- Opening of the Goethe Institute in Cairo (Egypt) - Gulf Film Festival (Dubai) - Festival on the 7th Continent (Paris) - International Film Festival love of Mons (Belgium) - Films of women (Chainaï-Inde) - Cinémania (Quebec) - Tübingen (Germany) Indielisbao (Portugal) - Festival of Arab films from Rotterdam (Holland) - Films by authors from Rabat (Morocco) - Alfilm (Berlin) - Filmtage Hückelhoven (Germany) - SACD (Belgium) International Film Festival - Kreuzköln Festival (Germany)

Film : Berlin Telegram 

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