“My father’s name is Abdul”, (80', in postproduction), Documentary/Musical, 2020.

“My father’s name is Abdul” portrays an encounter between Western and Arab cultures via the story of a French-Iraqi family.Abdul-Ilah was a co-founder of the Ba’ath party in Iraq in 60’s that was later led by Saddam Hussein. Yet, as the party evolved, Abdul found himself threatened by the Iraqi authorities and had to flee the country. At 18, Leila their eldest daughter, traveled alone to Baghdad. What she witnessed in Baghdad she will never forget. Fifteen years later, Leila, now a musician and filmmaker living in between Brussels and Berlin, returns to her family in France. Abdul, now in his 80s and passionate to transmit his cultural heritage, begins to write lyrics in Arabic for her music.Despites the conflicts between them, language, poetry and music become their intimate common ground andallows Abdul and Leila, father and daughter, to accept the troublesome past and embrace the present.

Produced by Leila Albayaty, Volte Slagen and helped by Kidam

Selected at Dubai Film Connection (DFC). Founded by Doha Film Institute and Medienboard Supported by Goethe-Institute Egypt and French-Institute Tunisia