Face B, 40 ', Medium length Docudrama (2015)

Synopsis : Leila Albayaty, a French actress and musician, auditions in Berlin for a film. During the shooting starts a sequence of encounters between artists and musicians from all horizons. Leila steals the images in which shooting secrets reside and decides to edit her own film. Through reality and fiction, poetry and songs, Leila carries us to the backstage of an existing film, “Berlin Telegram”, and offers us its hidden face, lived or perhaps imagined… 

Director, screenplay, lead role, music: Leila Albayaty.

Montage Image : Violeta Tseli.

Produced by Leila Albayaty, Kwassa Films and Michel Balagué.

Berlinale International Premiere Festival 2015.

Selection: 2015 Expanted Berlinale Forum (Germany) - Mexico Distrital 2016 (Mexico) - 2016 Berlin Art Film Festival (Germany) - 2016 Créteil Women's Film Festival (France). Distributed by Arsenal.


password: faceb_berlinale