Summary : Leila Albayaty is a Franco-Iraqi music composer, performer and fildirector who divides her time between Europe and Middle East.

She made her first short film Vu, which received a Special Mention of the Jury at the Berlinale 2009. She went on to direct her first feature, Berlin Telegram (2012), which world premiered at Indielisboa, the Dubai Festival, and then was shown in twenty festivals including Mar del Plata and Cinémania. It received the TV5 Award for Best Francophone Film in Geneva Tous Ecrans and the best cimatography at Achtung Berlin. It was later bought by TV5 Monde. Her latest film Face B (2015), a 40 'documentary-fiction, had its world premiere at the 2015 Berlinale Forum Expanded. ARSENAL - Institute of Cinematographic and Video Art - in Germany distributes Berlin Telegram and Face B. 


🤭 My father’s name is Abdul (stage of post-production)

Director, screenplay, lead role, montage image, music.

Selection at Sarajevo Cinelink, work in progress, (july 2019)

Selection at Dubaï film Commission as best arabic talents (2016)


🤭 Face B, 40 ' (2015) Medium length Docudrama

Director, screenplay, lead role, montage image, music.

Produced by Leila Albayaty, Kwassa Films and Michel Balagué.

2015 Berlinale International Premiere

Festival Selection: 2015 Expanted Berlinale Forum (Germany) - Mexico Distrital 2016 (Mexico) - 2016 Berlin Art Film Festival (Germany) - 2016 Créteil Women's Film Festival (France) “The b-side of a record often contains hidden treasures and secrets. When Leila, actress, singer, and director, decides to make her first feature, Berlin Telegram, a lot happens between the lines. Leila decides to steal her own images, to secretly pocket her b-sides to edit a new, even more ambiguous film. How often are you allowed to tell a story?” Arsenal, February 2015, By Toby Arash.

🤭 Berlin Telegram, 80' (2012)

Feature film Director, screenplay, lead role, picture editing, music.

Produced by Stempelfilms (Belgium) and Zerofiction (Germany).

TV5 Award for Best Francophone Film at Tous Ecrans (Geneva), Best Cinematography Award Achtung Berlin (Germany). Broadcast on TV5 world.

Festival Selection: Mar del Plata (Argentina) - Dubai Film Festival Arab Competition- Opening of the Goethe Institute in Cairo (Egypt) - Gulf Film Festival (Dubai) - Festival on the 7th Continent (Paris) - International Film Festival love of Mons (Belgium) - Films of women (Chainaï-Inde) - Cinémania (Quebec) - Tübingen (Germany) Indielisbao (Portugal) - Festival of Arab films from Rotterdam (Holland) - Films by authors from Rabat (Morocco) - Alfilm (Berlin) - Filmtage Hückelhoven (Germany) - SACD (Belgium) International Film Festival - Kreuzköln Festival (Germany)

🤭 VU, 25 '(2009) Short fiction

Director, screenplay, lead role, picture editing, music.

Produced by Stempel films (Belgium)

Jury's Special Mention at the 2009 Berlinale Film Festival

Festival selection: Berlinale (Germany) - Indielisboa (Portugal) - Molodist (Ukraine) - Palich (Serbia) 

🤭 Vacances, 48 '(2006) Documentary

Director, screenplay, lead role, picture editing, music.

Produced by Tabula Rasa films (Belgium)

Projection at the C.A.P.C Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux.



Opening of the Goethe Film week of Cairo with "From a palm tree to the stars" followed by a concert of her new arabic songs with Ayman Asfour and Ayman Mabrouk.


Presentation of the current film "From a palm tree to the stars" and Concert at the French Institute of Tunis.

Lead a workshop on the music of the film with the children of the association L’Art Rue.

Performed in a concert in the gardens of the Tunis Embassy.


Exhibition and concert in the Forecast forum at the Haus der Kultur der Welt (House of World Culture in Berlin) on the musical research of the film Palm tree to the stars.

Composition of the music of Palm tree to the the stars.


Concert at the Festival Berlinale 2015 after the projection of FACE B.

Music of FACE B, 4O 'docu-fiction.

Music of the feature film of Phoenix, Catherine Libert selected at the Cinéma Différents in Paris in November 2015.


Music of the feature film Berlin Telegram.

Composition, recording and production of the disc Berlin Telegram.

Concert for the theatre realease of Berlin Telegram with Alan Bishop at the Vollksbuhne, Berlin.

Musical collaboration with Sam Shalabi, composer (Constellation records, Canada) and Alan Bishop (USA, Sublimes Frequencies).


Montage image and original music of the short film Nos Armes of Julien Sigalas, 15 ', S16-35mm, Production Stempel films, bought by France 2.

Live concert show of VU in coproduction with Recyclart (Belgium).


Original music from the short film of Virginie Gourmel, Deer, 35mm, Versus Production.

Original music feature film from One Summer by Catherine Libert, 35mm, Tabula Rasa Films production. Concerts. Tour in France and Belgium.


Composition and recording of the disc Dans le soleil, Stupid Competition.

Original music from short film Aïe Virginie Gourmel, 11 ', 35mm, production Versus (Belgium).

Composition and live music of Ali Salmi's Osmosis performance at the Mercelis theater in Ixelles.

Realization of a film essay on the show Nocturnes électriques by Arnaud Paquotte.


Sound editing and sound creation of "2h23", David Meadeb's fiction, 13 ', 35mm, production Hentaï Films (Paris).

Creation of the performance Kiss me on my leg represented at the CAPC of Bordeaux.


Montage image and sound of "LUM", documentary by Vincent Pinckaers and François Pirotte, 13’

Assistant director in "Cartonman and the girls", fiction by Laurent Hart, 10' Beta SP, production Victor Comte with the participation of Canal + .