Berlin Telegram Record

Berlin Telegram is the soundtrack album by the composer and singer Leila Albayaty, of her debut feature film, Berlin Telegram (2012). Both the album and the film retrace the musical encounter between the singer-actress-director, Leila Albayaty, and different pop, rock, electro, contemporary and oriental musicians around the world.

Featuring :  Leila Albayaty, Alain Rylant , Ivan Imperiali, Cristoforo Spoto, Jef Mercelis, Tarek Atoui, Joy (Rock Band with Marc Huygens, Françoise Vidicq, Anja Naucler), Eric Thielemans, Teuk Henri, Kouzy Larsen, George Van Dam, Karim Francis.

🤭 "Darling" with Joy 

🤨 "Mirror" of "Berlin Telegram"

🤭 ""Blind Time" 

🤭 "Moonsong"

🤭 "Dark Fashion" of "Face B"

Dans le soleil

Debut album from French artist Leila Albayaty, Dans le soleil is a sensitive record, on the edge of pop, song writing and electronic music. One discovers a world tinted with cinematographic atmospheres, at the same time melancholic, fragile, disturbing and modern.

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